We have COVID-19 antibody tests! They are made in the US by Raybiotech (FDA approved) for diagnostic purposes.
Testing kits are available for $100 and contain both an IgM and IgG testing kit. Please send us a message to let us know how many you would like for you and your family. 
We also have PcR swab tests for acute cases through Aperiomics. These take 48 hours to process and are covered by insurance. 

LeanDx, SportDx and DietDx Combo! Concerned about the quarantine 15? NGI is launching our new weight loss and optimal sport program - This program is ideal for those looking to drop a few pounds or for our super athletes looking to shave a few minutes off of your triathlon - send us a portal message to learn more!

Stay well and much love everyone. 
Dr. Chrissie and the NGI team. 

Please note that payment is due at the time of service. Billable hours have reverted to the old system. Please see the website for details. Please be sure to update your payment information before your scheduled appointment.

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